FUTTER-WELLS is a boutique  law, specializing in representing companies and high net worth individuals and investors with their business planning, implementation, financing, merger and acquisition, and dissolution or wind down activities. Our professionals have over 40 years of experience representing clients in the manufacturing, retail, real estate, transportation, agricultural, and e-commerce or internet sectors, and include domestic and foreign, as well as public and private, concerns. Our professionals have extensive business as well as legal experience and understand business and the challenges faced by smaller and rapidly growing enterprises.
Our goal in representing clients is to help them build lasting businesses based on a foundation of solid business and capital structures. We understand and play a critical role in their business goals and achievements.  We understand fundamentally that legal services are a means to an end, and that our job is to facilitate, not interfere with, the goals and objectives of our clients.  We focus on entrepreneurs so that they can spend their time focusing on their business;  by starting with the optimal capital and legal foundation, our clients can continue to grow and prosper and avoid many of the growing pains or impediments that often plaque smaller or rapidly expanding companies.  Our thorough familiarity with our clients' businesses and their strategies and objectives allows us to step in and solve the problem--all without the cost and delay usually associated with outside counsel.

FUTTER-WELLS also serves a number of entrepreneurial clients as their general outside counsel providing advice and guidance on day to day issues and supervising outside counsel in matters requiring specialized advice, including environmental, litigation, construction defect, collection, SEC and tax matters.  This provides our clients with legal representation of the highest quality without adding overhead or administrative infrastructure to a client who would prefer to build a business rather than a legal department.